Cold Winter Knights BBS

A Citadel-style BBS

Current Version: MOOCitadel 1.00 beta
(As of 03Jul2024)

To log in, use your favorite telnet application and connect to, port 8888.

Welcome to the web site of Cold Winter Knights BBS and the MOOCitadel Telnet-based BBS software system.

Cold Winter Knights ("CWK") BBS was originally an old Sacramento, California-based Atari ST Citadel-style modem-dialup BBS running on an "STadel" variant called Inner Sanctum. In its heyday of the summer of 1990, it had on the order of 60-70 logins per day and over 100 active users -- quite a heady thing, considering the locality that is inherent of a dial-up BBS.

CWK first went on-line in May of 1988, running primarily as a Role-playing game BBS: at its most-popular point in that morph, it was running 11 different RPGs with six distinct game-masters.

After evolving through very distinct phases (and associated user bases), by its end, it had waned to about 50 calls a week and a core of about 20-25 users. Ultimately, once the Internet became a household name, Dial-up BBsing in general lost its appeal and in February of 1996, the original Dial-up version of Cold Winter Knights was closed down.

Fast-forward five years... In 2001, the person who has the distinct credit of naming Cold Winter Knights (one Dylan Carlson, aka "Axis of the North") e-mailed me and told me of his telnet-able citadel bbs, "Retrovertigo" (Now since defunct.) I was intreagued, and of course logged in. Sure enough, the old heady days of (G)oto (N)ew (E)nter came roaring back to me.. And I found that I wasn't the only citadel-er that was still around. Half of my final old base was still into the Citadel scene, in the new Internet version of the Citadel boards.

Naturally, I soon dreamed of being able to put Cold Winter Knights back up. But there was a problem: all the citadel proggies currently in-use were Linux based -- the distinct realm of pentium and Mac PCs. I wouldn't want to do it at *all* if I couldn't use the Atari ST - it just wouldn't seem natural!

So I did that for a few years (2005-2007). Got it working a little bit using the Atari ST "STinG" TCP/IP protocol. I eventually ran out of patience with it, and stopped. It was fun, and I may go back to it again at some point, but then I realized I was more of a MOOer nowadays than I was ever a BBSer. (MOO = MUD, Object-Oriented... MUD = Multi-User Dungeon. Google it.) I also realized I was a pretty decent MOO programmer; why not just write a Citadel using the LambdaMOO code? And to have my own MOO.. So, here in 2024, I present to you, CWK - The World's First MOOCitadel.

Oh, and I imported all the old rooms and non-private messages into the new incarnation from the time that CWK was taken down, in 1996. You can read all those old ancient history messages. Rather amusing!


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